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Royal Essentials BBE-01 Powder Brush
Natural Hair. Tapered soft bristles are ideal for applying all-over powder. ..
Royal Essentials BBE-02 Blush Brush
Natural Hair. Just the right size brush for applying precision cheek color. ..
Royal Essentials BBE-04 Lg Eye Shader Brush
Natural Hair. For applying and or blending eye shadow. A paddle shape and rounded tip make this b..
Royal Essentials BBE-07 Smudger Brush
Natural Hair. Small compact brush will make smoky eyes a snap. This brush is also the right size ..
Royal Essentials BBE-08 Lip Brush
Synthetic Filament. Achieve a smooth even application with this rounded lip shader. ..
Royal Essentials BBE-09 Lash Brush Brush
Nylon. Synthetic eyelash brush will separate lashes or apply mascara. ..
Royal Essentials BBE-10 Angled Brow Brush
Synthetic Filament. Everyone's favorite brow brush is also perfect to create a dramatic line at t..
Royal Essentials BBE-11 Detail Liner Brush
Synthetic Filament. Adding a subtle line of color to the lips or eye is a snap with this firm det..
Royal Essentials BBE-12 Eyebrow Comb Brush
Plastic. A handy tool- a combination brow groomer and lash comb will help frame your face beautif..
Royal Essentials BBE-13 Contour Powder Brush
Natural Hair. Tapered soft bristles are ideal for sweeping color across cheeks to create beautifu..
Royal Essentials BBE-14 Concealer Brush
Synthetic Filament. Smooth, firm synthetic brush will apply liquid or cream concealer to small sp..
Royal Essentials BBE-15 Eye Angled Brush
Natural Hair. Highlight the brow bone, add precision color in the crease of the eye or apply shad..
Royal Essentials BBE-16 Foundation Brush
Synthetic Filament. Supple synthetic hairs follow the curves the face while applying just the rig..
Royal Essentials BBE-17 Crease Brush
Natural Hair. Blend color in the crease with precision with this soft pointed crease brush. ..
Royal Essentials BBE-18 Dome Powder Brush
Natural Hair. All purpose brush is ideal for powder or blush. Soft hairs form a domed shape perfe..
Royal Essentials BBE-SET12 12 Pc. Brush Set
The basics plus some extras to achieve professional results. Ideal for student or personal use.&n..
Royal Essentials BBE-SET15 15 Pc. Brush Set
For makeup artists and students who are shus starting to explore the industry! The set inclu..
Royal Essentials BBE-SET18 18 Pc. Brush Set
One super set with all of our Brush Essentials! Ideal for the beginning makeup artist and student..
Royal Essentials BBE-SET7 7 Pc. Brush Set
An ideal set for individual or student use. The Brush EssentialsTM Set7 includes all of the basic..
Royal Silk BC-SET12 12 Pc Silk Brush Set
A terrific selection of professional grade brushes. A 12 piece set sure to meet every makeup need..
Royal Silk BC-SET20 20 Pc Brush Set
Set Includes: Powder Brush. Blush Brush, Contour Blush, Foundation Brush, Concealer Brush, Fan Br..
Royal Silk BC130 Pointed Dome Powder Brush
This brush has a rounded shape that is gently pointed for expert application of powder and blush,..
Royal Silk BC140 Bronzer Brush
The soft, natural hair makes this brush ideal for buffing in powder foundation for a smooth and e..
Royal Silk BC200 Foundation Brush
Synthetic Filament. Apply and blend liquid or cream foundation flawlessly without absorbing exces..
Royal Silk BC215 Sm Foundation Brush
Synthetic Filament. Apply foundation flawlessly with the smooth fibers of the synthetic brush. Pe..
Royal Silk BC225 Lg Concealer Brush
Synthetic Filament Smooth, firm synthetic brush will apply liquid or cream concealer to the ..
Royal Silk BC300 Fan Brush
Natural Hair. Give your face the perfect finish with this soft fan brush. dust off stray eye make..
Royal Silk BC400 Eye Shader Lg Brush
Natural Hair. Perfect for all over eye shadow application, a paddle shape and rounded tip holds a..
Royal Silk BC405 Eye Shader Sm Brush
Natural Hair. Small oval shape allows for easy shadow application. Perfect for highlighting or ac..
Royal Silk BC410 Eye Shader Md Brush
Natural Hair. For applying and blending eye shadow. Paddle shaped with a rounded tip. The natural..