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Bad Gone Evil FX Silicone (platinum) A/B
Bad Gone Evil Silicone is a two part platinum silicone molding material. Its thick consistency al..
BGE Coagulated Blood
BGE Coagulated blood is truly a unique product. When applied, it remains in a globular form. For ..
BGE Consentrated Shine and Perspiration
Consentrated Shine and Perspiration is a great product to make sweat droplets. This clear non-dry..
BGE Foam Gelatin
BGE foam gelatin us ideal for prosthetics with larger volume. With a 30 percent lower weight and ..
BGE Wet Material
Wet Material is used for many effects including sweat and viscous liquids. Color can be added to ..
Chip Brushes
Chip brushes are perfect for glues, adhesives and paint removers. It is a disposable brush that i..
Deluva FX Gelatin
Deluva FX Gelatin is a great product for scars, burns and prosthetics. Low heat activation, Trans..
DELUVA FX Latex Bald Caps
DELUVA FX Bald Caps feature fine edges and are shaped to cover all hair.  A professionals fa..
Deluva Pros-Aide Adhesive (ADM Tronics)
The “original” water-based adhesive for the skin. It adheres for long periods without irritation...
Deluva Slip Latex
Madero Invisible Matte Adhesive
THIS IS A DANGEROUS GOODS ITEM - GROUND SHIPPING ONLY To avoid shiny, ashy look, use Invisibl..
Monster Makers Clay 5 Lb. Ovenable Container
Monster Clay® Premium Grade Modeling Clay is a re-useable sulfur free, professional oil/wax based..
Monster Makers Foam Latex 1gal Kit - Prosthetic Grade
You've seen it featured in Academy Award winning The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch an..
RCMA Blister/Scar Making Material 1.oz
THIS IS A DANGEROUS GOODS ITEM - GROUND SHIPPING ONLY A molding type plastic that sets quickl..
RCMA Scar Material 1.oz
THIS IS A DANGEROUS GOODS ITEM - GROUND SHIPPING ONLY Slightly pink-tinted, semi-matte, incis..